Weber® Half Apron Universal One Size – Black

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"Look the part of a pro barbecuer with the Weber Half Apron around your waist. The BBQ apron is exclusively in black, which not only looks stylish but is very practical too. Feel free to wipe your hands on the apron as you cook (instead of the back of your leg) and be rest assured the dark colour will hide any stains or smudges. Stay clean and tidy whilst entertaining your guests. The Half Apron is made of 100% cotton and features a handy pocket to keep your BBQ tools close, with a front loop to hang a kitchen towel for easy access. Whether its tongs for your steak or cocktail sticks for your veggies, you'll work more efficiently keeping what you need at hand. It is available in one universal size, making it the ideal apron for most men and women. And all it needs is a machine wash to clean up for the next event. Add this simple BBQ accessory to your attire so people will know that when the apron comes out, delicious food will follow.