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ProQ Gravity Fed Commercial Smokers

ProQ Gravity Fed Commercial Smokers

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Real wood, real fire and real smoke give our customers the edge when it comes to catering barbecue. With precise temperature control and consistency, our Gravity Feed BBQ Smokers can produce a better product than electric or gas commercial barbecues.

Our build quality is second to none, and these heavy duty smokers are built to last.


  • Awaken your inner Pitmaster with a commercial smoker that runs entirely on charcoal and wood chunks, giving you unbeatable authentic American barbecue flavour
  • With a capacity ranging from 30 to 100KG of meat, our barbecue smokers are ready to tackle any catering job you can throw at them
  • Our heavy duty cabinet smokers are fully insulated, giving them unparalleled temperature stability and fuel efficiency
  • These smokers will run 24 hours a day, and can be kept running by re-filling the hopper during the cook with very little cleaning downtime
  • These weighty units are built to last and our superior and exacting finish is something we take pride in, making sure every model is up to a high standard
  • On these smokers, all the internal parts are removable for easy cleaning including all grills, drip pan and baffle plate
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