Outdoor Emarati Organic Natural Threadwood Firestarters 25 pcs Box

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OutdoorEmarati (OE) Organic Fire Starters/firelighters are all-natural and made of FSC responsibly sourced hardwood from Europe MULTIPURPOSE USAGE - Light any type of fire with our OE Organic Firelighters/ fire starters. Great for indoor fireplace, coal starter and wood-burning stove, fire pit, pizza ovens, charcoal grill, and barbecue smoker. ECO FRIENDLY - Organic Firelighters are superfast and light firewood and charcoal with ease as compared to petrol firelighters. Less usage of the product will easily light a fire, making it sustainable and responsible towards the environment. OE organic Firelighters are classified as Eco-Friendly Sustainable Products. They are safe to transport and store / not classified as Dangerous goods. They do not flare up like dangerous petroleum derivatives of liquids and gels FAST, SAFE & EASY TO USE - Organic Natural Firelighters are portable, reliable, convenient for your fire starter survival. Great for camping enthusiasts as they are light and extremely safe to carry. Makes a perfect GIFT for any outdoor connoisseur USAGE - Place one or two threadwood firelighters or under stacked charcoal or firewood and ignite the firelighter WITH ONE MATCHSTICK ONLY ! . Leave for ten min. Your fire will be ready! Try them once and you will not require any other firelighter! LIGHTING FIRE HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY !