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La Hacienda

Madeira Log Store

Madeira Log Store

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A practical addition to complete your outdoor heating setup, the Madeira Log Store from La Hacienda is a welcomed accessory for use alongside your chimenea, firepit or firebasket. The tiered effect display stand is crafted from sturdy, highly durable steel and features two triangular segments which fit together to form a stylish split-square Log Store that will keep your wood protected and dry from rainwater or debris.

Finished in a black paint coating, the Madeira Log Store promises an understated elegance that will naturally oxidise overtime; the result is a mellowed, charming rustic aesthetic that will enhance the cosy ambience of an authentic wood fire. Better still, this protective rust layer will deliver long-lasting storage for your logs that is completely maintenance free, so you can while away long summer evenings in style and without any fuss at all! For logs that are well-aerated and perfectly seasoned all year round, the Madeira Log Store is the perfect solution, making for both a neat storage area and guaranteed shelter from the elements.

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