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Bamboo Torches - 2 Pack

Bamboo Torches - 2 Pack

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ZER451 Bamboo Torches bring the best of both worlds with their durability and natural look. These torches use long lasting, environmentally friendly materials which make them a great addition to any household. Whether you are looking for a gift or just want the perfect way to light up your backyard, these torches have it all.

ZER451 Bamboo Torches are a must-have for outdoor lovers. They come in a stylish, eco-friendly design as well as an easy-to-hold handle that make them perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities.

The bamboo is a lovely, natural and environmentally friendly alternative to the usual wooden or metal torches. It's lightweight and burns slowly, but with a warm glowing flame like nothing else.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, these bamboo torches are your new best friend. Because they're made from natural material, they won't use up your finite supply of fossil fuels or release tons of harmful gases into the air.

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