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Zero In Citronella Garden Flares - 3 Pack

Zero In Citronella Garden Flares - 3 Pack

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The garden has never looked better than with ZER453 - Zero In Citronella Garden Flares - 3 Pack by your side. These three citronella candles are up to four times stronger and more effective than other brands. The natural scent of citronella is 100% non-toxic and will help keep harmful bugs away.

The ZER453 is a pack of 3 Citronella Garden Flares. These insect repellant citronella candles give off an attractive smell as they burn, and are convenient for outdoor use.

Outdoor and Garden Flares are the most effective way to protect your outdoor space and family from unwanted insects, mosquitos, mosquitoes and other flying creatures.

These garden flares are made with a non-toxic, breakaway material that allows you to escape the unwanted critters at night. They're also 100% waterproof so they'll work in any weather conditions.

These extremely effective, zero in on that nasty bug invaders that come in and ruin our outdoor experience with their nasty bites. The great thing about these Citronella Garden Flares is that they come in a pack of 3 and are easy to use. So you will never have to worry about needing more than one at a time.

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