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ZER885 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer

ZER885 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer

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ZER885 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer is a powerful formula for killing all types of flying insects, even the most persistent and dangerous pests. This fast-acting product has a 5% pyrethrum concentration. ZER885 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer is non-staining and non-streaking, so it can be applied anywhere or on any surface.

ZER885 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer was formulated in the United States using premium ingredients and ecological formulas, to provide your plants, flowers and gardens with the perfect blend of care and protection. Our products will keep all of your outdoor living spaces safe from insects, so you can enjoy a stress-free, healthy lifestyle.

ZER885 60 Day Fly & Insect Killer is an environmentally friendly bug killer that kills over 400 known pests including mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, flies, ticks and more. Our product uses a formula of natural ingredients to provide effective results without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

ZER885 is a non-toxic and effective insecticide that kills insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, ants, flies and wasps in one application. Its application rate is at 10 ml per 10m² which is enough to cover 1.5 Olympic swimming pools.

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