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ZER878 Fly Papers - 8 Pack

ZER878 Fly Papers - 8 Pack

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ZER878 Fly Papers are made of a high-quality material that allows them to stay on and keep your hands dry even when it's raining. Our fly papers have been in use for years, and we're proud to have helped people avoid the horror stories of having their hands eaten alive by flies and mosquitoes.

ZER878 Fly Papers are made from 100% waterproof, super durable and tear resistant material that allows you to use them in the outdoors. The paper is coated with a layer of petroleum jelly and food grade silicone grease which provides extra protection against fogging, rain, and other elements. These unique papers will keep your family safe from mosquitos, flies, and other insects.

These 10 oz. sheets of fly paper will trap and kill up to 8,000 flies. The paper is made with a patented sealant that prevents flies from escaping and leaving your outdoor space fly-free. ZER878 Fly Papers are easy to use - simply hang the paper over a window or door frame and place the sticky traps on top.

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