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ProQ Rib and Roast Rack

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By ProQ
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The ProQ Rib Rack is a stainless steel rack which triples cooking capacity allowing smoke, steam and heat to cook your ribs evenly.

It doubles up as a roasting rack for cooking larger joints of meat on the barbecue.

For good measure, it also includes 7 prongs so you can cook some juicy corn on the cob at the same time!


  • The ProQ Rib and Roast Rack is the perfect way to save space in your smoker
  • Stack up to 6 racks of ribs in the rack, or flip it over an put your roast beef in it
  • This great BBQ gadget makes removing your roast from the smoker really easy
  • Our rib rack also works as a corn holder, with 7 spikes to hold corn on the cob