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Monolith Rotisserie - LeChef

Monolith Rotisserie - LeChef

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The Monolith LeChef Rotisserie is great for roasting whole chickens, gryros or spit roasts and due to it's fitted shape, the grill lid can be closed whilst the rotisserie is active. The rotisserie itself is built through a combination of a stainless steel rotating spit with two meat forks featuring long prongs to securely hold the meat in place. The Monolith Rotisserie functions via a battery powered motor protected by metal casing. This motor can also be used with a power supply if required. 7 additional skewers can also be added as an optional extra, enabling the rotisserie to cook kebabs, vegetables, shashlik and other suitable foods.


  • Stainless Steel Rotating Spit
  • 2 Meat Forks With Attached Prongs
  • Metal Encased Battery Powered Motor
  • Suitable for the Monolith LeChef Grill

Monolith LeChef Rotisserie Dimensions

Rotisserie Dimensions : 75cm (L) x 65 (W) x 14cm (H)
Rotating Spike Dimensions : 0.8cm (Dia) x 75cm (H)
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