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Leatherman Freestyle/Style CS Peg **DISC**

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A perfect pairing: Freestyle, complete with outside-accessible
combo blade and signature pliers, and Style CS, a keychain-sized
multi-tool that features spring-action scissors, a file, knife,
tweezers, bottle opener and screwdriver. Stow the Freestyle in
your pocket and the CS on your keys, and youÕre ready for the

Leatherman Style CS Multitool:

The Leatherman Style CS Multi-Tool features stainless steel
construction with a stainless finish and a glass-filled nylon
scale on one side of the handle. The tool set includes the
following: a 1.6" 420HC straight blade, spring-action scissors, a
combination flat head/phillips screwdriver, and carabiner/bottle
opener as well as a nail file, and removable tweezers. All tools
except the scissors are outside-accessible. The Style CS weighs
slightly more than an ounce, stows easily and can be clipped
almost anywhere with its carabiner, or attached to a keychain.
The Style CS features clamshell packaging, and it's assembled in
the USA.

Leatherman Freestyle Multitool:

The first thing you'll probably notice with the Leatherman
Freestyle is opening the outside-accessible blade is easy and
fast, just like a pocket knife. When you unfold it and use the
pliers you'll understand that when something is engineered
correctly, power isn't a matter of size, but a matter of years of
design expertise. Freestyle is great as a stand-alone tool or a
companion for those activity-specific tools that don't feature
pliers or a knife.