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Leatherman Free P2 Nylon Peg

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The Leatherman FREE P series will lead the new collection launching in April of 2019. The new series is made of 420 steel to create a lightweight, durable, pliers-based multipurpose tool. The FREE P2 and P4 tools feature many of the same implements found within classic Leatherman tools, but with new features and technology. The outside features the FREE signature design, and the inside of the tool features a revolutionary magnetic architecture that allows the tool and its implements to open and close seamlessly. Leatherman engineers designed the tool so that all implements are easily accessible from the outside of the tool and donÕt require a fingernail to deploy each implement, making them easier to access. The new architecture also provides epic haptics as well as a distinct clicking noise to provide auditory confirmation that the tool is open and ready for use.