Etna 600 Oven, Stand and Pizza peel - 3-5 Week Delivery

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The Etna 600 Wood fired Oven is the embodiment of a classic Italian artisan pizza oven.

Based on the iconic Italian wood fired oven shape, the Etna 600 oven is the most aesthetically pleasing on the market, With the ability to reach temperatures of around 500°c in under 40 minutes.

Crafted with pride, beautifully designed and compact with a bespoke blend of materials made for Etna Ovens that have been carefully selected and tested for heat resistance and also heat retention, keeping good consistent temperatures. Cooking pizzas is just a start, with the ability to also bake bread, slow roast meats and vegetables, smoke fish or ribs and even bake a batch of brownies! Lets not forget the wonderful centerpiece it will make in any garden The Etna 600 will cook 1 large or 2 x 10 inch pizzas in under 2 minutes.

Etna 600 Specifications and Dimensions:

Internal cooking floor diameter of 600mm

External dimensions, 780mm wide x 820mm front to back.

Height including chimney 750mm

At an approximate weight of 120-130kg, its fairly light compared to most ovens on the market.

The oven is modular and can be taken apart for easy set up in places with restricted access, What you get..

Etna 600 oven with door, Stand and pizza paddle