Aladdin Infuse Water Bottle 0.7L Blue Ð Removable Infusion | Two-way leakproof lid for easy ice filling and cleaning | Stain and smell resistant | BPA-Free | Dishwasher Safe

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Our Infuse Water Bottle is your answer to boosted hydration on the go. Add your favorite fruits or veggies and throw it in your bagÑthe leak-proof lid will ensure it stays dry wherever you go.Features
Removable infusion basket for fruits and veggies. Bonus: drop in most Aladdin bottles and tumblers for a healthy flavor boost.
Two-way lid. Easy to fill, drink, and clean.
Made with Tritanª. Won't crack, break, or stain.
Leak-proof. Keep liquids where they belongs.
Dishwasher safe because who wants to scrub?
BPA-free because that stuffÕs not good for you.