Aladdin Fresco Twist & Go Water Bottle 0.6L Blue Ð Two-way leakproof lid for easy filling and cleaning | Carbonated beverage friendly | BPA-Free | Smooth Drinking Spout | Dishwasher Safe

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This stylish and reusable water bottle looks like the iconic glass, disposable bottles, but we've added everyday functionality. The lid is specifically designed to keep carbonated soda and sparkling water contained, so you can make a fizzy drink just the way you like it and take it to go. Features
- Carbonated beverage friendly. Designed to contain your fav fizzy drinks on the go.
- Two-way lid. Remove top to add ice, fill or clean, twist off cap to sip.
- Leak-proof. Keep drinks where they belong.
- Made with Tritanª. Durable and lightweight.
- Dishwasher safe. Ditch the dirty work.
- BPA-free because that stuffÕs not good for you.