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800-Firewood Smoking Pellets

800-Firewood Smoking Pellets

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Value-Driven Performance
For over 25 years, Golden Fire has set the industry’s GOLD STANDARD of wood pellet fuel.  Manufactured in Oregon of pure Douglas Fir, our time-tested production methods ensure that every bag you purchase contains the highest heat and lowest ash content of any wood pellet fuel available.  Our consistency is what sets us apart from the rest.  With an ultra-low average of 1.9% moisture, the heat produced by these pellets is intense and long-lasting.

Heats Faster
Golden Fire takes less than one hour to heat a room to 70°F (when outside temp. is 30°F). A premium grade pellet with a moisture content of 5.5% would take four hours to reach that temperature!

Stay Warmer and Use Less Fuel
Golden Fire, rated over 8500 BTUs per pound, is made from 100% Douglas Fir and has the lowest moisture content. You can burn Golden Fire at a lower feed rate setting on your pellet stove – use less pellets and continue to get great heat.

Burn Less Water
Kiln-dried to perfection, our pellets contain the lowest moisture rating in the industry. The standard moisture content for Premium Rated Pellets is less than 8%, Golden Fire is rated at less than 2.5% and actually has an unprecedented average of 1.9%. This means more fuel in every bag, and you use less of that fuel to burn away excess moisture and instead use the fuel you purchased to heat your home.

Less Cleaning
Because we make Golden Fire from a superior-burning wood species, and dry it to the lowest moisture content possible, it has a more complete combustion which leaves very little ash, less than .25%, making for easy clean up.

Better for the Environment
Burning Golden Fire Wood Fuel Pellets means you are not dependent on the volatile fossil fuel industry for heat, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint and putting a byproduct of the forest industry to good use. Golden Fire contains no binding additives keeping you and the air you breathe free of harmful chemicals. 

Getting Your Fire Started
If you're looking to get your pellets burning, with our fire starter gel and shavings, it will take just one match!  Strike it and you're done!  Biodegradable, easy and convenient! 

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